Meet The Team

Our hand picked team of specialists are world class fertility professionals. As many of them have experienced their own fertility challenges, you can be reassured that you will benefit from their own personal and professional experiences to help, support and encourage you every step of the way.

Meet Our Fertility Specialists

Sarah Day
Founder of Fertility Retreats

Sarah has 12 years’ experience of working in one of the UK’s leading Fertility Clinics and has a real passion and desire for supporting patients through their fertility journey.

Sarah has helped and supported over 3,000 people over the years and created Fertility Retreats in 2020 as she really wanted to offer a safe and supportive place where people can come together, find out how they can maximise their dream of having a family, whilst also taking some time to relax, unwind and reconnect.

Sarah is committed and dedicated in ensuring your stay is a thoroughly positive and supportive one and looks forward to welcoming you to a Fertility Retreat very soon.

Alpesh Doshi
Consultant Embryologist / Clinic Director

Alpesh is a consultant Clinical Embryologist, Clinic Director and a co-founder of IVF London. He is also a co-founder and director of the Embryology and PGD Academy. Alpesh previously worked at the Centre for Reproductive and Genetic Health in the leading capacity as a Director of Embryology for 19 years and was pivotal in optimising success rates.

Alpesh was also an honorary consultant at the Reproductive Medicine Unit at UCLH NHS Trust. He holds a postgraduate degree in Human Reproductive Medicine and has qualified from the prestigious Imperial College School of Medicine.

Julia Young
Fertility Nutritional Therapist

Julia is a qualified Nutritional Therapist having trained at the renowned Institute for Optimum Nutrition. Julia has a special interest in fertility and has since undertaken in depth practitioner training to become a Fertility Specialist.

Following her own fertility struggles, Julia’s mission is to help and support you on your fertility journey to optimise your fertility health by addressing the root cause. Julia’s approach is evidence based, and is looking forward to supporting you on your journey to optimum fertility health.

Cindy Charles
Fertility Coach

Cindy is a specialised Fertility Coach and is the founder of Fertile Life. Cindy’s own fertility journey started shortly after she was married and after 3 IVF cycles, she now has two children.

Cindy completely understands the stress and anxiety that infertility can cause. Her unique coaching methods and supportive empathetic approach can be of enormous value and help whilst trying to conceive or undertaking fertility treatment.

Cindy has helped hundreds of patients over the years to manage their physical and mental well-being for those struggling to conceive with amazing results, and looks forward to helping you very soon.

Kristin Hayward
HypnoFertility Specialist

Kristin is a fully qualified and registered Clinical Hypnotherapist and HypnoFertility specialist who gradulated from the renowned Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy in 2001. Kristin offers a holistic approach and her HypnoFertility programme has helped countless women and couples struggling to conceive, whether naturally or with IVF treatment. Clients regularly achieve wonderful results after only a few sessions.

Kristin is also a fully qualified HypnoBirthing Practitioner, teaching parents to be how to use hypnosis to enjoy a healthy pregnancy and a calm comfortable birth.

Amy Simpson
Reflexologist & Hypnotherapist

Amy is a qualified and registered Reflexologist and Hypnotherapist who specialises in fertility and is the founder of Mind-Body-Baby.

Amy is passionate about enabling women to reconnect with their body and hormones and has been using the Mind-Body-Baby approach for over 20 years with very positive results, meaning you are in safe hands.

Amy offers a very personalised, nurturing and holistic approach for everyone she works with, and her goal is for you to live within the best version of yourself and to have the family who have always longed for.

Maria McMaster-Howells
Fertility Fitness Personal Trainer

Maria is a qualified Personal Trainer, and founded Fitness Fertility in January 2021. Following her own fertility journey, Maria has a special interest in helping and supporting those with fertility issues.

Maria has over 15 years’ experience, and offers bespoke personal training plans which allows flexibility, and excellent daily support. Many of Maria’s clients have experienced improved sleep, increased energy levels and improved mental health, which has allowed them to continue with their fertility journey.

Maria looks forward to meeting and working with you soon to achieve your fertility fitness goals.

Lisa Attfield
Fertility Yoga Specialist

Lisa has been practising Yoga since her late teens which she used to manage stress before and during her own fertility struggles and IVF journey which helped her to conceive her 3 beautiful children.

Lisa has over 15 years’ experience in helping people who are struggling with infertility and is a qualified British Wheel of Yoga Teacher where she is able to offer and provide personal Yoga lessons and classes to help manage stress and rebalance emotions.

Lisa looks forward to helping you achieve inner peace and relaxation during your fertility journey towards motherhood.

Russell Davies
Fertility Coach

Russell Davis is a Fertility Coach and Cognitive Hypnotherapist who helps remove psychological blocks for those struggling to conceive.

Russell’s own personal 10 year fertility struggle led him to create The Fertile Mind, and he has helped hundreds of couples all over the world with his unique coaching and hypnosis sessions which have been scientifically proven to help maximise and increase the chance of a pregnancy, whether naturally or with IVF treatment.

Russell is also a Therapy Supervisor and is registered under the UK Government Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC).

Russell is very much looking forward to helping and supporting you on your fertility journey.