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Whether you’re trying to conceive naturally, or with fertility treatment, our Fertility Wellness Retreats have been designed to help and support you, wherever you are in your fertility journey.

There is a wealth of evidence to support that making positive lifestyle changes can help boost fertility levels and improve the chance of having a family.

Our stylish boutique venue

Our welcoming and stylish boutique venue, Glass House Retreat has been hand-picked to ensure you can relax, unwind and reconnect.

Just under an hour from London and located in the heart of rural Essex, Glass House Retreat sits in a stunning location and is truly an oasis of tranquillity.

This magnificent wellness retreat has 21 luxurious bedrooms, is surrounded by beautiful countryside, offers truly wonderful fertility boosting food, a fabulous relaxing spa, holistic fertility treatments, and much more.

Our Fertility Wellness Retreats at Glass House Retreat is the perfect place to relax an overwhelmed mind, reconnect and improve your chance of a pregnancy.

What we focus on






Offering the perfect mix of fertility advice including IVF, emotional wellbeing, nutritional, holistic and fitness, all in beautiful and relaxing surroundings.
Fertility Retreats really does offer you the very best chance of a pregnancy.

Helping you on your fertility journey

With delicious fertility boosting food, relaxing holistic therapies to help improve fertility, expert advice from our fertility professionals, and a wonderful all-inclusive stay at the fabulous 5 star award winning Glass House Retreat to help you relax, restore and reconnect, our Fertility Wellness Retreats have everything you need to help improve your chance of having a family.

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With qualified and experienced professionals on hand, you can be reassured that you will benefit from our commitment, knowledge and experience, whilst being thoroughly looked after during your stay.

We promise you will leave feeling positive, supported and full of hope for the future.

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